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Elmgreen & Dragset

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Elmgreen & Dragset were the first artists I wrote about when I started studying art history and I’m so pleased that their project Powerless Structures has been picked for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Too Late at the Victoria Miro Gallery was the first exhibition of theirs that I saw. I got myself completely lost on the way and arrived cold and relieved to be anywhere, this feeling definitely added to the slightly unsettling atmosphere of the installation. My hand was stamped at the door and then I was left to wander alone around the deserted nightclub, discovering locked doors and wondering whether I was trespassing by going through the empty ones.

I love their playful manner of displaying what is serious and of importance to real people. Their installations are moving and accessible; never intimidating but never over simplified, the affect they have on the viewer is almost physical, subtly readjusting their sense of place and playing on their insecurities.

Stefano Marchionini

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La jeune fille et l’enfant



Wide Open Walls

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I just stumbled upon this great project via the FucknFilthy facebook page.


Know Hope


Freddy Sam

Wide Open Walls is curated by Write On Africa and, though I need to look at it the project properly, the concept and all the work looks really exciting. I was never quite convinced by JR‘s street art project in Nairobi, but this seems to have much more integrity.

All photos from the Wide Open Walls website.

Amanda and Kevin

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Excellent American ingredient baking funtimes!

They write about other things too but I can’t get passed the food posts – I want to eat everything in them. Tomorrow I’ll actually do some baking, Lemon cake from Breakfast Lunch Tea I think.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

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I am pretty excited about this film. When my little sister was given a copy of Brian Selznick‘s book a couple of years ago for her birthday I sat down and read it in an afternoon – not sure she was too pleased about that…

Warm and Dry

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These wellie boots and some wolly socks, both from MHL, will make for cozy Winter feets.